Bionic Heath Services

The goal of Bionic Health is to teach people to improve their health and increase their wealth.  We do this through a variety of services.

FREE Online Health Analyzer
Our online Health Analyzer will ask you some general information about your overall health, diet and exercise and provide you with some feedback on the body’s nine specific systems. (Relax, there is no person identification taken and the information is not stored.) The nine systems you will get feedback on include: Circulatory, Digestive, Intestinal, Nervous, Immune, Respiratory, Urinary, Glandular and Structural. It will also provide some information on herbs you should use to balance your body’s weak systems. CLICK HERE to visit our free Health Analyzer.

Improve Your Health, Increase Your Wealth, Earn a Dream Vacation
I can help you save money or get started in your own business. Nature’s Sunshine Products offers a unique opportunity for you to purchase your own products at a discount and earn a part-time or full-time income as well.  You can also earn dream vacations and other fantastic rewards.  As an Independent Distributor for Nature’s Sunshine Products you own your own business, with a tremendous support system filled with great people and valuable tools to help you reach your financial goals. Click here or call Margretha today to find out more. 417-667-8505. Click here for a quick picture of just how much you could earn in just 3 months.

Balance Your Body with Chinese Herbs
Balance your body and disease goes away!!! Just Click the Chinese Herbs link here or on the left to learn some basic facts about ancient Chinese Herbology. 

Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy is a more then just a relaxing luxury.  Massage helps the body cleanse itself of built up toxins.  Reducing stress takes pressure off of all of the body’s systems and benefits your entire being, body, soul and spirit. Don’t underestimate the health benefits of massage.  For more information visit our Massage Page.

Voice Bio
Voice Bio is a new technology that uses a computer program to analyze your voice patterns.  This remarkable system can actually detect deficiencies in your body that keeps it out of balance.  The Voice Bio Practitioner will ask you three questions and, after answering them into a microphone connected to a computer, the program analyzes and prints a graph of the results.

Health is different then healing.  Preventing disease is preferable to curing disease.  Bionic Health has a vision to keep people healthy with knowledge about nutrition, a proper balance of supportive herbs and therapeutic massage.

Phone Consultation
Margretha is available for phone consultation concerning your health and wellness questions. She can help you develop a plan for maintaining or regaining your health.  there is no charge for consulting with Margretha.

Wellness Coaching
Wellness coaching involves regular weekly contact by phone for encouragement and accountability in diet and exercise and to provide ongoing consulting concerning your herbal wellness program.  Wellness Coaching can also be combined with Massage Therapy for local clients.  Wellness Coaching starts at just $15 a week.

Questions Answered
Do you have a quick question about natural health options, Chinese Herbs or or how a specific condition you have might be improves?  Use our Contact Form to ask Margretha a question.  You can usually expect an E-Mail response within 48 hours.

Seminars and Presentations
Would you like to have Margretha make a wellness presentation to your group?  Clubs, civic organizations, churches and just about anyone else would benefit from a variety of presentations available.  From club luncheon programs to church groups, wellness is a concern today.  Click here to find out more.