Massage Services and Fees

Massage can be done at my office or your location.  I have a portable massage table
and I also offer chair massage for public settings like offices.

Swedish Eslan Massage technique
My basic training is Swedish Eslan Massage technique. I have taken many more classes then just the basics.  I use the amount of pressure that the client is comfortable with. I would much rather a client fall asleep then be in pain.

It does not have to hurt to do good.

Massage Therapy is more then a luxury for relaxation
I help people with inflammation, sciatica, pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, frozen shoulders, fibromyalgia, headaches, sinus problems, foot pain, bulging disc, etc.

Chair Massage
When time or privacy is an issue, chair massage is a good alternative.  Chair massage in the workplace has been documented to help reduce absenteeism and increase employee productivity.  Chair massage can be done in an office, hospital, school, or organizational setting.  A refreshing 15 minute chair massage can change your whole day.

Muscle Release Technique
I also am trained in Muscle Release Technique which releases tight muscles thru stretching and massaging at the same time.

Reike- pain release thru energy transfer.

Prenatal Massage
I give massages to pregnant ladies.

Infant Massage
I teach Infant Massage which is teaching the care giver of the infant how to give them a massage. It helps with the bonding also effects the child for the rest of their life. They are more relaxed and can relax easier, reducing stress and helping them deal with stress better.

Reflexology is working the reflexes to the whole body on the feet. It is a treatment in its self but when doing a full body massage I do reflexology when I do the feet so a client is really getting two treatment for the price of one.  

Massage Fee Schedule
Discounts available when you purchase multiple hours.

1/2 hour $25.00
1 hour $40.00
1 1/2 hours $55.00
2 hours $70.00
Chair Massage $15.00 (Group rate available)
Reflexology $40.00
Body Wrap $50.00