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FAQs Regarding Our Chinese Herb Packs and Other Products

Q: Are the products from NSP high quality?

A: Yes, they are top of the line. Check out the quality control process on Nature's Sunshine Products website.

Q: Do I have to place an order every month?

A: No, you do not unless you want to get a check back from NSP. Any order that's over $100 QV will qualify you for a check.

Q: Can I buy below membership cost?

A: Yes, you may. With automatic shipping, you save an extra 5% on your order, and there are weekly specials just for members.

Check Out Our Customer Testimonials

"Sleeping better than ever. Taking the Chinese Herb Pack, Positive stock# 13343-2, Negative stock# 13344-8, I am now sleeping much better then have in a long time. Thanks!"
- Kay

"Mouth sores and sweet cravings are gone. Xylitol mints Lemon stock# 5415-1, Peppermint stock# 5410-7, have taken care of sore places in my mouth and if taken after eating freshens mouth and removes plaque. It has taken away the cravings for sweets."
- Margretha

"Thai Go drink helped. Thai Go Drink stock# 4095-1, has given me more energy and helped regulate my bowels."
- Jean

"Water Weight and swollen ankles no longer a problem. Taking Kidney Drainage stock# 3168-4, and Lymphatic Drainage stock# 3171-7 has taken care of my swollen ankles and helps me void much better. Was voiding 1-2 times daily now its 6-8 times. Thanks!"
- Mary

"Eating better with less problems. I use Yeast/Fungal Detox stock# 508-9, and my digestion has improved a lot. Things that used to bother me when I ate them do not bother me now. Thanks!"
- Paula