Sleeping better than ever.
Taking the Chinese Herb Pack, Positive stock# 13343-2, Negative stock# 13344-8, I am now sleeping much better then  have in a long time. Thanks!

Mouth sores and sweet cravings are gone
Xylitol mints Lemon stock# 5415-1, Peppermint stock# 5410-7, have taken care of sore places in my mouth and if taken after eating freshens mouth and removes plaque. It has taken away the cravings for sweets.

Thai Go drink helped
Thai Go Drink stock# 4095-1, has given me more energy and helped regulate my bowels

Water Weight and swollen ankles no longer a problem
Taking Kidney Drainage stock# 3168-4, and Lymphatic Drainage stock# 3171-7 has taken care of my swollen ankles and helps me void much better. Was voiding 1-2 times daily now its 6-8 times. Thanks!   Mary

Eating better with less problems
I use Yeast/Fungal Detox stock# 508-9, and my digestion has improved a lot. Things that used to bother me when I ate them do not bother me now. Thanks!   Paula

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