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Xylitol: The Secret Natural Sugar

Xylitol was first extracted in the 1890’s by a German chemist. It was first manufactured shortly after the Second World War in Finland where there was a shortage of sweeteners following the war. In the 1950’s it was found to be a normal part of our metabolism. It has been used in foodstuffs since the 1960’s in Japan, the former Soviet Union, Germany and Switzerland. In 1963 the American Foods and Drugs Administration approved its use for special dietary uses such as diabetic diets. In 1988 they allowed it to be classified as a food additive. Researchers have discovered that Xylitol is broken down and used by the body without the need for insulin. It is this factor that makes it useful as a sweetener for those on diabetic diets. It can be used in most all cooking and baking, measuring the same as refined sugar. It doesn’t do well with bread making as it will not cause the yeast to rise.

The main research in recent years has been around the area of dental health. Sugar tends to produce an acidic environment in the mouth. This leads to the growth of bacteria in the mouth. It also weakens the enamel protecting the teeth. Some of these bacteria cause inflammation in the gums. Some produce poisons which slowly break down the tissues in the mouth. Plaque is partly created by the action of bacteria. If it is left untreated it becomes tartar. Normally saliva is an alkaline solution which helps protect the teeth, gums and mouth. When too much sugar is ingested the saliva we produce, becomes acidic, helping the bacteria to multiply. Xylitol helps restore the natural balance between acid and alkaline in the mouth. It makes the mouth inhospitable to many of the destructive bacteria in our mouths. Xylitol can be used after cleaning our teeth at night or left on overnight. Long term use can stop the fermentation process leading to plaque formation. It can allow the remineralization of small spots of decay. It increases the protective elements in saliva making it more effective in doing the job it was designed to do. It stimulates the flow of saliva.

One researcher has found that Xylitol inhibits the growth of bacteria implicated in recurrent middle ear infections. Two recent studies have found that chewing gum which contains Xylitol has resulted in a 40% reduction in middle ear infections in the group of children taking part in the research.

Xylitol in a spray can also be used to clean out the nose. It reduces the incidence of bacteria which, because the ear, nose and throat are connected, can cause problems in other areas. Some sorts of asthma and allergies are triggered by pollutants and irritants that get into the body via the nose. So using Xylitol in a spray for the nose may lead to fewer sinus infections and a reduction in asthma and allergies. Xylitol has also been found to be beneficial in inhibiting the growth of candida albicans and heliobactor pylori.

Researchers have also shown that Xylitol enhances the immune system, protects against degenerative diseases and has anti-aging properties. It may be that Xylitol has a role in reversing bone loss that can occur in aging. There is speculation that it does this by promoting the ability of the intestine to absorb calcium more effectively from the food we eat.

The incidence of type 2 (late onset) diabetes, has increased greatly since 1900. This coincides with the vastly greater consumption of sugar over that time. There has been an estimate that sugar consumption contributes to about 150,000 premature deaths in the United States every year. Xylitol is a natural insulin stabilizer. It helps in stopping sugar and carbohydrate cravings. There are no sharp rises and falls in insulin levels such as occur with sugar. Some anti-aging researchers think that keeping insulin levels low is one of the keys to any program aimed at reducing or reversing the signs of aging. Poor control of insulin can also have an effect on hormonal balance. Using Xylitol instead of sugar or highly refined foods may reduce your risk of ovarian cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, PMS, hot flushes, weight gain and depression; all of which have a hormonal component.

Over 1500 scientific studies have been done on Xylitol since it was discovered and used. They have found that the more you use Xylitol in preference to sugar the more you can reduce sugar cravings, maintain low insulin levels, make your body more alkaline in nature and less friendly to bacteria. It appears to be a key element in enjoying a long and healthy life.


Nature’s Sunshine has just announced the addition of a new line of products, Nature’s Sweet Life Xylitol-Sweetened Products.  Xylitol is a naturally sweet compound that looks and tastes just like sugar.  About 15 grams of Xylitol are actually produced by our own bodies every day and we already digest the Xylitol found in fruits, vegetables, and other organic substances.

Nature’s Sweet Life Xylitol is derived from non-genetically modified corn, making it a completely natural sugar substitute.  It has a glycemic index of 7 (sugar is 87) and because of this and the fiber it contains, it has a zero net carbohydrate effect, promoting sustained energy and preventing cravings for other sweets. It supplies 40% fewer calories and 75% fewer carbohydrates than sugar.

Additionally, Xylitol fights cavities and gum disease by killing bacteria in the mouth and sinus infections when used in the mouth.  The current product line includes the following.

( provides amazing antioxidants to your diet at far greater levels than fruits and vegetables)

Dark Chocolate Calcium Crunch bar with calcium and magnesium – Stock # 5451-0
Dark Chocolate Raspberry bar with cardio-support ingredients (Co Q-10 & Omage-3 –Stock # 5450-4

These bars taste as good as the finest chocolate you can buy and will stop your cravings for unhealthy snacks while giving your sustained energy.  You will not be disappointed! 


Spearmint (Stock # 5405-0) and Cinnamon (Stock # 5400-8) gum which stops the destructive effects of bacteria by not allowing plaque to adhere to the surface of your teeth.  Chew 3 times daily for maximum effect. 

Peppermint (Stock # 5410-7) and Lemon (Stock # 5415-1) mints to freshen your breath while improving your dental health. A great natural alternative to Altoids!

Peppermint Mouth Wash – freshens your breath and fights periodontal disease by creating an unwelcome environment for bacteria in the mouth – Stock # 5425-6. 

The optimal temperature range to store chocolate is between 50 and 65 degrees. It is recommended to store the chocolate in the refrigerator for better shelf life.  The chocolate should not melt if exposed to a temperature in the 70-80 degree range, but it would be optimal to keep the bars refrigerated for optimal shelf life.

Benefits of using XYLITOL


  1. Reduces the incidence of asthma

  2. Alkalizes pH

  3. Improves insulin receptor cites

  4. Improves bowel bacteria

  5. Slows down osteoporosis

  6. Puts enamel back on your teeth by combining with calcium

  7. Low glycemic index of 7

  8. Stabilizes diabetes

  9. Helps with weight-loss

  10. Controls appetite

  11. Reduces the incidence of yeast overgrowth

  12. Destroys bad bacteria

  13. Prevents tooth decay and gum damage

  14. Responsible for an 80% reduction in tooth cavities

                           (Journal of American Dental Association)

One piece of gum three times daily reduced dental plaque in one week.

  • Mothers who used Xylitol reduced cavities in their children’s teeth by mere contact.

  • Xylitol chewing gum reduced ear and throat infections by 40%

  • Xylitol Nasal spray reduces asthma, colds, allergies and staph infections

  • Bone loss slowed down by 15% within five days in those using Xylitol daily

  • Xylitol restores Glutathione

Per teaspoon:  9.6 calories, 0 fats, 4g carbohydrates (40% fewer calories,75% less carbohydratess than sugar)


In January, 2007, Nature’s Sunshine Products will also have available bulk Xylitol for use as a natural, healthy sugar substitute on your cereal, in baking, or any other place you would normally use sugar.  In testing it, we have found it to be delicious on fruit, to sweeten whipped cream and in our morning oatmeal.

For those of you who use artificial sweeteners, be aware that these sweeteners have the same insulin response (elevated glucose levels) in the body as sugar, decreasing your immune function, increasing inflammation (which it is now believed to be a probable cause of elevated triglyceride and cholesterol levels and increased risk for heart disease of all kinds) and causing you to store fat. (Drink one soda and your immune system is depressed for 5 hours.)  Now we have a healthy alternative which will have none of these negative effects. 

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