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The Curative Crisis
Important information on some symptoms you may experience as you begin a regime of Chinese Herbs.

The History of Chinese Herbology

Chinese Medicine, also known as Oriental Medicine, is a proven millennial healing method, with more than 3,000 years of experience, Chinese Herbologist have observed millions of people, establishing, strengthening and preserving a methodic tradition using natural formulations, thus creating a high standard of safety and effectiveness.  Because of its effectiveness, Chinese Medicine is used continuously today to treat any kind of illness

This is a practical guide, a simplified method of learning with enough information to facilitate the usage of 14 Chinese herbal formulas.  Each formula helps to balance the “Meridians” (the ideology was taken from the Theory of Acupuncture) of the body.

Through many centuries, these herbal formulas have produced consistent results.  The only modern variation is the use of capsules, making them easier to take. 

First, we will examine the philosophical base of healing and healing methods used in Chinese Medicine.  We will also discuss the balancing of curative energy, and then we will focus on a complete group of herbal formulas used for balancing and recovering health through this healing method.

Basic Principles of Chinese Philosophy

The Perspective of Equilibrium and Continuous Change

Chinese philosophers tried to explain the universe and its changes by combining their beliefs about the relationship between human beings and the physical and divine worlds. This is how the concept of Yin and Yang came to be. They are cyclical, opposite forces that complement each other, bring change and attract each other. This is the most fundamental and profound concept in Chinese philosophy.

Yin and Yang can be explained as a duality -- neither part can exist without the other. The symbol of Yin and Yang is called "Tai-Ji," and it represents constant change, harmony and balance. Inside Yang there is still a small amount of Yin, and inside Yin there is still a small amount of Yang. Similar to a seed being dormant during winter. Yang is waiting inside Yin to take its turn. A sudden, refreshing storm in the middle of summer is an example of how Yin is inside Yang. There are no absolutes, only cycles of change. The following table shows how many opposites are contained in this simple symbol.

Yang                   YiN

Active                         Passive

Hot                             Cold

Life                             Death

Summer                     Winter

Masculine                  Feminine

Day                             Night

Odd                            Even

Sun                             Moon

Fire                             Water

Yin and Yang represent all opposite principles in the universe.

Under Yang we find the principles of:

Masculinity, the sun, creation, heat, light, the sky, dominancy, external, ascending, weightlessness, dryness, aggressiveness, clarity, etc.

Under Yin we find the principles of:

Femininity, the moon, conclusion, cold, darkness, the earth, submission, internal, descending, heaviness, humidity, receptiveness, confusion, etc.

Each of these conditions determines its opposite condition. For example, the sky is identified as the ideal part of Yang, Yin physically defines the sky through the earth, or "what is not the sky." And vice versa! One principle never completely dominates or depends on the other. In life we pass through opposites -- health and sickness, riches and poverty, power and submission, etc. -- which can be explained in terms of temporary dominancy of one principle over the other. Inasmuch as neither principle dominates eternally, every condition is subject to change to its opposite condition.

Energy: A Direct Approach

In order to explain the Chinese philosophy about energy, let's use an example. To give its energy, a battery has two poles, one positive and one negative. Like a battery, each organ in our body has two polarities, a positive and negative. When we are born, we discharge energy through our vital organs. There are few people born with full polarity in an organ. We are all discharged: we all have deficiencies.

Just as a battery needs to be recharged, the organs of the body need recharging as well. An organ may be deficient in either positive or negative energy. Chinese herbal formulations support the body and recharge the organs. When the body is energized adequately, its organs work well and interact properly. They produce the necessary hormones and enzymes in adequate amounts, and the body can repair what needs to be repaired. It enters into "homeostasis," a perfect balance of health and vitality.

As each organ can be energy deficient on the negative or the positive side, symptoms may be manifested as positive or negative energy deficiencies from each main organ, and later from the whole body. Whether you are deficient in positive or negative energy, there is a Chinese formula that helps to rectify these conditions.

Fourteen Formulas for Six Organs And
One Vital Energy Function

Here, symptoms are indicated according to the 14 formulas used to resolve deficiencies in the six main organs and the vital energy function of the body.

  1. Heart

  2. Liver

  3. Spleen

  4. Lungs

  5. Kidneys

  6. Pancreas & Heat

  7. Vital energy (Chi or Qi)

How to Take Chinese Herbs:

Start by taking just one capsule from each bottle in the morning hours unless advised to take more than one by your nutritional consultant. Never begin taking them in the late afternoon or evening.

A basic treatment lasts six months: three months with "negative" formulas and three months with "positive" formulas, or vice versa.  Your nutritional counselor may make changes to this basic treatment.

If your test results are evenly distributed between Negative and Positive, begin with the Negative pack for the first three months, then switch to Positive for the remaining three months.

Eating correctly will make this even more effective but is not necessary for results.

 If you are going to Mix and Match, using some Positive and some Negative formulas, retake the questionnaire (or get tested) after 3 months so see if you need to change any of the formulas.

Chinese formulas may be taken while on prescription medications, but capsules should be taken two hours apart. Natural healing processes are slow and require the client's patience and perseverance. These formulas do not require diets or faith in order to produce effects. They simply work!

 Call your sponsor if you need reassurance about any symptoms (or just to tell them how great you feel).



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